Anthony Thiselton's Fusion of Two Horizons and the Challenges of Cross-Cultural Anthropology




Anthony Thiselton, biblical hermeneutics, the fusions of horizons, the complexity of cultural context, contextual hermeneutics


The classic problem in biblical hermeneutics is how to bridge the gap between the ancient cultural context of the biblical texts and the modern cultural context of the reader. One of the approaches proposed to deal with this issue is the model of the fusion of horizons that is later on developed by Anthony Thiselton with his fusions of two horizons. Albeit comprehensive and severe in bridging the gap, his mono-cultural (Western) approach to the context has not yet answered the challenge of cross-cultural anthropology, especially the complexity of the culture of the modern reader characterized by varied, multi-layered, and cross-culturally. The approach thus needs to consider a hermeneutical approach that is more sensitive to that complexity as an addition into or compliment to the fusions of horizons approach (addenda hermeneutica).



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Ferry Yefta Mamahit, Sekolah Tinggi Teologi SAAT

Penulis adalah dosen hermeneutika dan Perjanjian Lama di Sekolah Tinggi Teologi SAAT, Malang


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