Submission Guidelines

1. Submission of the manuscript is made through the open journal system of Veritas at the link

2. First, as the author, you should register and then fills in the required Profile and Login data:

  • Create or Connect with Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID)
  • Given Name and Family Name
  • Affiliation: the name of the institution to which the author is affiliated.
  • The country from which the author is from
  • E-mail, Username, and Password

3. After registration is complete, enter as an Author, then select New Submission. There are five steps to submitting a manuscript: (1) Start, (2) Upload Submission, (3) Enter Metadata, (4) Confirmation, (5) Next steps.

4. The first step in the Start column, select the Section following the type of text you want to submit.

  • Articles: manuscripts in the form of conceptual studies, original research results, discussions and thoughts related to current issues, exegesis or exposition material, observational research, case studies, and other forms of thought expression within the broad scope of biblical and theological research.
  • Book Reviews: recommended the latest books that are newly published.

5. Then, read the Submission Requirements and click on all the requirements.

6. At the bottom of the page, read the copyright statement, and if you agree, please proceed by clicking, “I agree to abide by the terms of the copyright statement.”

7. In the Upload Submission column, select the appropriate article component and make sure the manuscript submitted has kept the author’s identity (read Ensuring a Blind Review). Next, upload your file and when finished, click Continue.

8. In the Enter Metadata column, enter the requested data, as follows:

  • Title: the title of the article 
  • Subtitles: subtitles (if any)
  • Abstract: in English, between 100 words to 250 words
  • Add Contributor: add other authors’ names if there ís more than one author
  • Language: the language used in the body of the article
  • Subject: research subject
  • Keywords: all keywords in English
  • References: all references used as sources
  • After all the data has been completed, click Save and continue.

9. If the data you entered is correct, confirm in the Confirmation column by clicking Finish Submission.

10. Lastly, via e-mail, you will be contacted by the editor regarding the submission of your manuscript.

11. If you experience difficulties submitting manuscripts through OJS, you can contact the editor at