Aim and Scope

The journal's scope is in evangelical theology, with emphasis on originality and novelty in biblical studies, systematic theology, and practical theology, to contribute to theological studies and ecclesial ministry. This journal encourages researchers to contribute ideas on the broad scope of evangelical theology that focuses on the novelty in the field of these studies:

1. Biblical Studies, which include exegetical and hermeneutical studies of the Old and New Testaments, and also biblical theology.

2. Systematic Theology, which includes church history and theology, dogmatics, Christian ethics, contemporary theology, and interdisciplinary studies between theology and other disciplines, especially humanities and social sciences.

3. Practical Theology, which includes missiology, pastoral ministry, discipleship, Christian leadership, Christian education, Christian counseling, and liturgical, congregational worship.

The manuscripts submitted in this journal include quantitative or qualitative field research results, conceptual and critical studies, exegesis or exposition material, case studies, and other forms of original thought in the broad scope of theological research with adequate, solid, and accurate academic references.