The Righteousness of God according to Paul the Apostle in the Epistle to the Romans




Righteousness of God, Justification, the epistle of Romans, New perspective on Paul, Pauline theology, Paul the apostle


How God justifies believers in the process of salvation is still under debate within Christianity. There are groups who view God’s justification as forensic by imparting the truth of Christ to a believer so that the believer attains a right status before God. Some view God’s justification as moral and transformative by imparting the truth of Christ in believers. And lately there is a New Perspective on Paul (NPP) that envisions overhauling the concept of God’s justification in that it is neither forensic nor moral, but is ecclesiological by including believers in the community of God’s people. This paper examines some key passages from Paul’s letter to the church in Rome to show that the concept of God’s truth and his justification, as understood by Paul, is comprehensive in that it encompasses all three aspects.


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Author Biography

David Alinurdin, Sekolah Tinggi Teologi SAAT

Penulis memperoleh gelar M.Div. dari Sekolah Tinggi Teologi SAAT (Seminari Alkitab Asia Tenggara) (2008) dan M.Th. dari STT Amanat Agung (2016); saat ini melayani sebagai dosen penuh waktu di Sekolah Tinggi Teologi SAAT


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