To the Nations for the Earth: A Missional Spirituality

  • Chandra Wim Sekolah Tinggi Teologi SAAT
Keywords: Missional Spirituality


In the last two or three decades, we have witnessed a renewed interest in spirituality in Christian academic circles. More recently, we have also seen a growing number of publi­cations on the mission and missional church—both on popular and academic levels. While one can easily find many quality works on Christian spirituality and some decent books on mission/missional church, one would only find a few works that combine both themes in a single volume. In this work, Charles Fen­sham, professor of theology at Knox College, Toronto, attempts to do just that—as one may discern from the book’s subtitle: A Missional Spirituality. As such, this book ad­dress­es those who have interest in spirituality and/or in mission but particularly to those who would like to see how biblical missional impetus shapes a particular understanding of Christian spirituality.


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Charles J. Fensham. To the Nations for the Earth: A Missional Spirituality. Toronto: Clements Academic, 2013.
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