Jonathan Edwards' Religious Affections and Its Relevance for Communal Worship


  • Lucky Samuel GKY Jemaat Mangga Besar



Jonathan Edwards, Religious Affections, Corporate Worship, Spirituality


This article attempts to discuss one of the important writings of Jonathan Edwards, A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections, and its contribution to corporate worship. Since this work has been helpful in evaluating one’s spirituality and in formulating what the authentic spirituality is, this treatise can be also useful in evaluating and designing corporate worship. Focusing on the first three signs of gracious affections according to Edwards, this paper suggests that this treatise can serve as an antidote for three distorted notions in corporate worship, namely legalistic, narcissistic, and therapeutic worship.


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Author Biography

Lucky Samuel, GKY Jemaat Mangga Besar

Penulis adalah rohaniwan bidang Ibadah di GKY Jemaat Mangga Besar, Jakarta. Ia memperoleh gelar Master of Theology in Worship dari Calvin Theological Seminary (USA), setelah sebelumnya memperoleh gelar Sarjana Teologi dari Seminari Alkitab Asia Tenggara (Malang), dan Master of Ministry dari Trinity Theological College (Singapore).


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