Bambang Budijanto

Dr. Bambang Budijanto is the General Secretary of the Asia Evangelical Alliance, the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Governing Board for the Bilangan Research Center, and the Founder and CEO of the U.Unleashed (Leadership as Discipleship).

Previously, Dr. Bambang Budijanto was the Chairman of Global Steering Committee for the 4/14 Window Movement (2009-2019). He also spent 16 years working with Compassion International as the Vice-President and Advocacy Director for Asia (1999-2016).

Bambang Budijanto earned his Ph.D. from The University of Wales and The Oxford Center for Mission Studies (1997). Some of his publications are listed below.

"Islam in Indonesia," Transformation: An Internation Journal of Holistic Mission Studies 20, no. 4 (2003).

Values and Participation: Development in Rural Indonesia, Regnum Studies in Mission (Regnum, 2009).

Evangelicals and Politics in Indonesia,” in Evangelical Christianity and Democracy in Asia (Oxford, 2009, book chapter).

Relentless Hope: The Unstoppable Movement of Disciple-Making Communities (Compassion, 2010, co-author).

Emerging Missions Movements: Voices of Asia (Compassion, 2010, editor).

Contemplating Leadership (2018).